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Paul Mac

paul mac, a.k.a jorge zamacona, is a name known to techno fans across the globe. as both a producer and d.j, paul's name  is guaranteed to provide a stamp of quality.


as well as owning and running his own stimulus and tactical imprints, and being 50% of the focus group, paul has recorded and released tracks on many other record labels over the years, including theory, tronic, epm, a.r.t, and of course the primate group of labels primate, primevil and primary.


paul has also released 3 'artist' albums which includes 2003's  'Push Came To Shove' on primate recordings. very much a favourite of other producers,paul has his very own 'sound' which is best descibed as 'organic', and whether he is producing techno or house music, that destinctive sound and quality of production is always present.


 paul has collaborated on many releases with his longtime friend and musical brother ben sims and they together make up the 'focus group'.


















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