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Daniel Greencross, real name Daniel Gavilan, is a Venezuelan-born DJ and music producer.

Co-Founder of Different Is Different Records, and actually based in São Paulo, Brazil, his DJ career started in 2002 when he settled in Barcelona, Spain. A venture that went from organizing one of the last series of illegal raves in Catalunya, to hosting nights at the city’s techno temples such as La Cova and Be Cool. As a DJ, Daniel is constantly playing in São Paulo and Brazil‘s main cities. Countries like Holland, Germany and Spain are always within his schedule for european tours, which already have spawned appearances in festivals such as Feier-Rhein in Düsseldorf, São Paulo’s great Virada Cultural, or the Underground Family Festival in Barcelona.

For two years in a row, Greencross has hosted showcases of his label, Different Is Different Records as official parties of Amsterdam Dance Event. Other performances worth mentioning are Florida 135 in Fraga, as well as ROW 14, La Macarena, La Cova, Be Cool, and Sala Apolo in Barcelona.

As a producer, Greencross has already remixed techno legends such as Ken Ishii, Tom Hades, Ortin Cam, Stanny Franssen, Angel Alanis, Adam Jay, and Drumcomplex. His original productions has also been remixed by high profile techno producers like Johannes Heil, Angel Alanis, Morgan Tomas, Logotech, Abi Bah, Red Square and Adam Jay.

Different Is Different Records is Daniel’s own label, but his productions can also be found at NB Records, Home Audio Recordings, Vokodek Music, Slap Jaxx, Parallel 125, Seta Label and many more.


Miss Electric.


Martina Krassnigg, aka Miss Electric, was born in Austria in 1982, and is one of the rare female DJ/Producers working on nowaday’s underground techno scene.  Miss Electric’s musical journey started as a DJ in 2003. This quickly led to a string of gigs at venues in Austria and Germany. The magic she is able to create behind the decks reflects her deep knowledge of electronic music, and her pure, almost instinctual understanding of rhythm and melodies enables her to craft flawless soundscapes which transport the dance floor to ethereal and intangible spaces.

Martina’s skills are not limited to DJing, as her life-long love and appreciation for music has led her to deeply connect with it’s language which has beeen also translated in her works as a remixer and a producer. Since 2006 she has released tracks on respected record labels like ‘Different Is Different Records’ (BR) ‘Minder Records’ (NL), ‘Home Records’ (AT), ‘Digital Phunk Records’ (Africa), ‘Dark & Sonorous Records’, ‘Circle Digital Records’, ‘Real Tribe Records’ (AT), ‘Subwoofer Records’. ’Miss Electric Recordings’, or ‘MER’ is her new record label, focused on releasing top quality, cutting edge techno. She also is a co-manager of Different Is Different Records. Miss Electric is an energetic, fun-loving and instinctually intelligent young lady, with a continually growing fan base and ever-expanding knowledge of electronic music

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