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John Warwick

John Warwick has been an integral part of the international dance scene for the best part of 25 years, not only as a DJ/producer, but also as a promoter, distributor, artist management and probably best known as the musical & creative force behind the legendary Primate Recordings, Primevil Recordings and the now defunct ‘Prime Distribution’.


As well as promoting various events in London over the years, John was promoter and resident of the monthly Manchester based electronic night, ‘Intergalactic Funk (I-Funk) for 2 years, and has regularly played at venues around the globe, mostly promoting his legendary ‘Primate Recordings’, thru exclusive promotional events, showcasing both his own DJ’ing talents and those of the world renowned artists featured on the label. As well as entertaining clubs throughout the UK, John has also thrilled clubbers in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, USA, Brazil, Israel, Canada & Hong Kong.John has recorded and remixed for various labels over the last 20 years (including having released two DJ mixed CD’s as Traxster, profiling Primate Recordings).


As well as recording with long-time friend Richard Jones as Traxster, and Matthew (Mel) Merritt as Melrob, as well as many solo productions as Vadok, 2007 saw John release tracks under his own name for the first time, with ‘AFTER DARK E.P’ (PRIMATE099), a track on the PRIMATE100 compilation, plus tracks on both PRIMATE ENDANGERED SPECIES (APE020, VARIOUS ARTISTS - FUNKY MONKEYS VOL 5), plus OMEGA AUDIO013 (VARIOUS ARTISTS).


Variously, he has recorded as Vadok, Melrob, Traxster, J-Dubya, Vendicatore, BR5 Project and Experimentation, across such labels as Primate Recordings, Primevil Recordings, Vadok, Pro-Active Music, Endangered Species, EDR Records, Sub-Rosa, and XVX Recordings.


2015 see's John having new material released on Primate Recordings, Primevil Recordings, Back Spin Records, and also the new label from Frank Bauduin ' Kaskaderi Records'.



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